Why do PSQM

What do participants say?

'It has helped me develop my role as science leader and enabled me to get a good idea of what is needed to move our school forward.'
Science subject leader Round 8

'It has really focused us on the importance of Science at a time when we could be overridden with changes and focus on literacy and maths too much.'
Science subject leader Round 8

'I have thoroughly enjoyed reflecting on the achievements of our school through the PSQM process and enjoyed working alongside such a motivational and inspiring mentor (hub leader)'.
Science subject leader Round 8

'PSQM is an effective support tool for developing science in any school. It's framework ensures realistic self-evaluation and measured progress towards achievable targets. It necessitates whole school impact so development and success cannot remain with the Subject Leader and as such improves scientific experiences and out-comes for all children - and teachers. Due to it having a significant monetary and time investment and a nationally respected accreditation at the end, value is placed on it within the school agenda so the Subject Leader should be able to prioritise activities against other demands. Whilst the model requires that basic systems and processes are in place to ensure credibility and parity with others, it facilitates individual need and aspirations. As such, it is always going to be relevant to any school who wants to work hard to improve their science provision - but in a way that is meaningful for it's unique situation.'
Science subject leader Round 8

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What does Ofsted say?

In the last two triennial reports into science teaching and learning in English schools Ofsted has recommeded PSQM as an improvement mechanism for science in primary schools.

2011-13 Maintaining Curiosity

'School leaders who recognised the likelihood of a declining profile for science were able to mitigate the risk by, for example, seeking accreditation through the Primary Science Quality Mark'.

'The process of gaining the award brings benefits beyond the certificate, because it requires school leaders to evaluate their provision and justify their science curriculum as being fit for promoting good learning. It also connects school science leaders to other primary school leaders who have successfully raised the subject's profile in their schools.'

Read the full Ofsted report.

2008-10 Successful Science

'Inspectors' interviews with staff in the schools that participated in the initiative confirmed the improvements in teachers' confidence and ability to teach science, with a consequent positive impact not only on pupils' performance but also on their engagement and enjoyment.'

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