Special Schools

PSQM and Special Schools

All schools should be able to celebrate pupil success and be awarded for their provision in science.  Several Special Schools have successfully achieved the PQSM Award. By gaining this award Special Schools join the many primary and middle schools across the UK and internationally with a Primary Science Quality Mark.

Special Schools can easily adapt the criteria to meet the specific needs of their students.

Follow these links to see how Hadrian Special School and West Oaks Special School achieved PSQM awards.

Significant science achievement can be seen in a range of Special School teaching and learning opportunities

"Think about all the wonderful learning that goes on in your school which forms the basis of Scientific Enquiry skills.  Exploration, cause and effect, communication and ‘intensive interaction’ sessions might not be on your timetable as ‘Science’ but frequently these sessions target and evidence Science skills".  (Hadrian School Science lead)

"Post PSQM, many more areas of the curriculum have strong direct links to science now and whole school initiatives are on the increase." (West Oaks School Science lead)

Strengthen your links with other local schools and organisations

“The best bit of PSQM has been the links it has helped me to make with colleagues from other schools within the SEN community”.    (Hadrian School Science Lead)

Post PSQM, the links to other schools and the community have grown, but there is more growing planned for the future. (West Oaks School Science lead)

Pupils gain from and enjoy the experiences

“One student usually struggles with noise in assembly. However, he joined in counting down from 10 to 0 during the rocket launch.  He shouted ‘blast off’ and became very animated watching the flight. He was bursting with excitement, even surrounded by the level of noise.  His enjoyment overtook his fear” Year 2 Teacher ,  Hadrian School

Robin Class voted the Science Extravaganza as the best day they had ever had in school!

“Even more experiments for next time please.”

The list of favourites, began with “slime” and moved all the way to “tornado.”( West Oaks School)