Important Changes to PSQM


From Round 15, beginning autumn 2017, there will be three new PSQM awards, replacing the old bronze, silver and gold. It is important to note that these are new awards and not just new names for the previous awards. PSQM criteria have also been changed to meet the new descriptors. Download the new criteria here.

New Levels

This means that when your school renews its Primary Science Quality Mark it will be with one of the new awards.

A new more modern, PSQM VLE (virtual learning environment)  will replace the old PSQM portal from round 15 onwards. Subject leaders from renewing schools will be able to access the previous submission.

You will receive information about when and how to renew your school’s PSQM award. Please be assured that the changes to the criteria and process are minimal and that you will receive specific guidance from your hub leader to ensure that your renewal is straightforward.

These are exciting developments for PSQM, which will be celebrating its 10 year since the pilot phase in 2018. You have played an important part in shaping the PSQM programme, which is now considered to be a one of the major organisations in primary science, and is now helping schools across the UK to improve the profile and quality of science  teaching and learning. The changes to the awards will ensure that the programme becomes even more effective and enables schools to fully demonstrate the impact of effective leadership, whatever the starting point.

If you would like more information please contact PSQM.

PS-we have a new logo too. Can you spot the difference?