What is PSQM?

The Primary Science Quality Mark is a highly successful, unique award programme to develop and celebrate the profile of science teaching, learning and leadership in primary schools. Science subject leaders join a local PSQM hub and are supported by professional development to achieve the Primary Science Quality Mark, or the Primary Science Quality Mark Gilt or the Primary Science Quality Mark Outreach for their schools.

What are the PSQM awards?

There are three different Primary Science Quality Marks to ensure that all schools can achieve the accreditation. Primary Science Quality Marks  are intended to be school appropriate, and provide a framework for improvement and development in leadership and provision, whatever the starting point.

PSQM criteria meet the descriptors. Download the criteria here for the three different PSQM awards here.

For schools which demonstrate how effective science leadership is beginning to have an impact on science teaching and learning across the school.

For schools which demonstrate how established science leadership is having a sustained impact on science teaching and learning across the school.

For schools which meet the PSQM Gilt criteria and also demonstrate impact of science leadership, teaching and learning on other schools.

This PSQM special edition of the ASE Primary Science magazine is packed with subject leaders' stories about their PSQM experiences. Read it here to find out what happened in their schools.

"PSQM is the reason so many of us learnt how to be a science leader and PSQM signposted us to the  amazing community of support that exists in primary science... Best CPD I ever did... I have alot to say thank you for. X"
Claire Seeley (@seeley_claire) January 6, 2018

"PSQM is an effective support tool for developing science in any school. Its framework ensures realistic self-evaluation and measured progress towards achievable targets. It necessitates whole school impact so development and success cannot remain with the Subject Leader and as such improves scientific experiences and out-comes for all children - and teachers. Due to it having a significant monetary and time investment and a nationally respected accreditation at the end, value is placed on it within the school agenda so the Subject Leader should be able to prioritise activities against other demands. Whilst the model requires that basic systems and processes are in place to ensure credibility and parity with others, it facilitates individual need and aspirations. As such, it is always going to be relevant to any school who wants to work hard to improve their science provision - but in a way that is meaningful for its unique situation. "
Science subject leader Round 8

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