Re- accreditation of a PSQM award

Primary Science Quality Marks are valid for three years. At the end of three years schools need to reaccredit. PSQM HQ contacts schools before the end of the third year to let the head teacher know that the PSQM will shortly expire so that plans can be made to join the PSQM programme the following year.

Schools may renew for the same or a different Primary Science Quality Mark as appropriate.

There is no need to wait three years. If appropriate, a school can take part in the PSQM programme again in the first three years following the first award to achieve a different Primary Science Quality Mark e.g. PSQM  and then PSQM GILT, or GILT and then OUTREACH.

Access to previous submission

Subject leaders will be given access to their school’s original submission via a separate log in, which they should request from PSQM HQ.


Renewing schools follow the same process of self-assessment, action planning and implementation, evidenced based reflection, submission; but of course have the original submission and review to build on. Ideally logs will have been kept up, and the process of evidenced evaluation continued. The hub leader will advise on how to build on and use interim evidence.

Important information for schools reaccrediting PSQM awards achieved up to Round 14 (submission end of March 2018)

From Round 15, beginning autumn 2017, three new  Primary Science Quality Marks PSQM  replaced the old bronze, silver and gold PSQMs. It is important to note that these are new awards and not just new names for the previous Primary Science Quality Marks. PSQM criteria were changed to meet the new descriptors. Download the new criteria here.

This means that when a school from Round 1-14 reaccredits it will be with one of the new Primary Science Quality Marks.

The changes made to the criteria and process in 2017 are minimal. Subject leaders receive specific guidance from their hub leader to ensure that reaccreditation is straightforward.