Re- accreditation of a PSQM award

PSQM awards are valid for three years. At the end of this time schools are contacted and invited to reaccredit to maintain their PSQM status. It is expected that second submissions for PSQM awards build on development made during the first award process and do not simply repeat them or demonstrate maintenance,

There are two ways to re-accredit a PSQM award.

a. Subject leaders participate in the standard process i.e. attending face to face training. A new subject leader should engage with the full PSQM support process and attend face to face training session with his or her hub leader.
The cost is the same as the first time: £750

b. Subject leaders participate in a distance learning process with on-line only support.
The on-line only model is suitable if the subject leader is still the same person who led the original submission. The support may be from the previous hub leader or the school may be allocated to a new hub leader.
The cost is £450

Access to previous submission
A subject leader will be given access to his or her school's original submission via a separate log in, which should be requested from PSQM HQ.

All schools (new and reaccrediting) follow the same submission process.
The overall requirements for these reaccrediting schools, are as for first time schools but should refer to previous developments.
- self-assessment;
- action planning;
- implementation;
- submission of reflections and core documents.

Not all schools will be aiming for a higher level award.
Ideally developments in science will have continued within and beyond the school in the interim three years but there may have been significant changes to the school and so going for the same level or even a lower level may be the most appropriate decision.

The key word is still 'Impact'
Subject leaders may want to use parts of their original submission as evidence for the new submission, along with extracts from the reviewer's comments, to illustrate developments. Even a Gold school returning as Gold, needs to show a clear account of how science has continued to develop, and the increased  impact this has had.

Keep records of action and impact up to date.
Core documents from the previous submission including the subject leader log, CPD log and calendar of events and school development plan should, wherever possible, be added to. Principle may be and edited. A new portfolio will be required and the action plan should be for the new time period.

Reflect before moving forwards
The subject leader should review the original submission and the reviewer's comments before he or she carries out the self-assessment.

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