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The Primary Science Teaching Trust has funded a project to create a downloadable collection of examples of good practice in the teaching, learning and leadership of primary science which can be used by subject leaders and colleagues participating in the Primary Science Quality Mark. Follow the link to Exemplar Materials.

The exemplars are sorted into different areas linked to the PSQM criteria and have been collected from previous PSQM submissions. They have been edited and cataloged by a PSTT College Fellow and PSQM Hubleader and and are an excellent source of ideas and inspiration. There have been nearly 9000 downloads which shows how useful they are!

Your hub leader may ask you to contribute some of your own work to the collection. Please do - it is a fantastic way to share great practice.


September 2016: KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for Gold Level PSQM submissions will be applied to all submissions from Round 12 onward.

October 2015 : From Round 11 no change of level from silver to gold will be permitted once the level has been assigned. Changes from bronze to silver, or gold to silver, or silver to bronze are permitted but must be requested one month before submission deadline.