RSC grants for PSQM hubs

The Royal Society of Chemistry offers generous grants to PSQM to support hub leaders to provide additional CPD to hub members.

This is in response to the recommendation in the 2016 evaluation of PSQM carried out by the University of Hertfordshire, School of Education that PSQM subject leaders would welcome the importunity to focus on primary science knowledge and pedagogy.

In 2015 - 16 hub leaders used RSC grants to support the a range of CPD activity. Click on the links in the table below to read the grant reports.

Applications are now open for bids from hub leaders running hubs in Round 13 for grants of ¬£500.  Download further information and the application form here: RSC grant application Round 13.

Rounds 11 and 12 Hubs


Essex 1 and Essex 2

4 half day subject specific CPD sessions led by hub leader

Lincoln and Hull

2 CPD sessions per hub to develop assessment practice.


Connected to James M. –   Barefoot in Australia for CPD via video conferencing.

South Yorks



  • Each hub received 2 half-day CPD sessions focused on   Dialogic Learning in Science:
  • Two schools received in-house support – afternoon   modelling practice in classrooms, evening CPD session (colleagues from other   schools were invited to attend)
  • Supporting PSQM subject leaders to   providing CPD to each other.
  • The money was   used to enable additional release time for SLs in the host and visiting   school.


Established a Medway primary science hub:

  • CPD session, led by hub leader    and some of the PSQM subject leaders and other interested parties to   promote increased interest in science in this area.
  • Bought simple science equipment to share across the schools, starting a sustainable resource bank .

Six schools -  6 teachers and 30 pupils from each school took part in session to develop independent thinking in science.

Leicester – 3 hubs joined together for additional CPD

  • 3 twilight  primary science co-ordinator   meetings.
  • Twilight primary science monitoring course, February   2016.
  • PSQM “school partnerships”.  Funding was used to cover half day supply   costs to enable subject leaders from PSQM schools to work together to either   share good practice or develop new resources or ideas which related to   aspects of the PSQM submission.


One day CPD on specific question types, followed by trialling and publishing of questions developed.

Milton Keynes

Coaching visits to each school for half a day to support Subject Leader monitoring role – carried out joint scrutinies and looked at next steps.

Twilight course planned for September to look at ways forward post PSQM.

SRHL team

2 workshops and 3 new resources developed:

  • Support for special schools
  • Developing reflective practice
  • Developing leadership skills

Disseminated to all hub leaders