Hub Leader Profiles

Richard Bakker, science subject leader round 7


'Elements of science have improved this year across areas of the school and my children speak more positively about science'...

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Chris Banbury, hub leader


'You'll be surprised how much information you already have for a large number of the criteria - it's just a matter of collating and organising it'...

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Janet Chetwood, hub leader


'I started this as a second career, loved it, and wanted to keep going whilst having more time to do other things'...

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Mary Darby, hub leader

Mary Darby

'It is tremendously rewarding to work with positive science leaders and to be aware of some of the fantastic science that occurs in our primary schools'...

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Nicki Deane, subject leader rounds 5, 7 and 10

Nicki Deane

'It has made me confident in how to lead my subject [and] given me the experience needed to apply for a promotion - and get it'...

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Sue Marks, subject leader round 8

Sue Marks

'It is a very positive process and really helps you focus and hopefully improve your practice'...

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