About Us

Development of the PSQM programme

  • 2008 Science Learning Centre East of England and Barnet LA develop PSQM framework and resources
  • 2008 and 2009 SLC EE awarded Wellcome Trust People awards to support successful pilot led by SLC EE with admin support from Association of Science Education
  • 2010 SLC EE awarded Wellcome Trust Society Award to support national rollout of PSQM using existing and building new networks across UK
  • 2013 partnership formed between the Primary Science Teaching Trust and University of Hertfordshire School of Education to enable continued growth of PSQM and increased research output supported by UH infrastructure and grant from Primary Science Teaching Trust.
  • 2014:One thousandth PSQM award made.
  • The geographical spread is wide, with school in all parts of the UK taking part, plus British Forces schools in Cyprus and Germany and British Schools, Dubai , the Netherlands and the USA.
  • 2016: two thousandth PSQM award made.

There are now over 80 active PSQM hubs, each one supported by a trained PSQM hub leader.